About Fundrage

Fundrage is an app that connects you to nonprofit organizations actively working to address and resolve issues in your community and across the globe. The Fundrage app allows you to share news articles into the app and suggests supporting registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits related to the article’s content and/or causes. Fundrage is free to use, user-friendly, and only connects you to trusted nonprofits with four stars on Charity Navigator.

About Our Founder

Fundrage founder Maria Underwood offers 10+ years of experience in fundraising, business, and social media strategy, including in major markets across the U.S. She has consulted, and presented, internationally on digital fundraising, millennial giving, and trends in the nonprofit sector.

Having been successful in all types of fundraising campaigns—major events, corporate sponsorships, peer-to-peer fundraising, grassroots, grant writing, and major gifts—Maria has unique knowledge of the how and why behind donor giving. Additionally, she has served as a host and moderator for various panels, including with national speakers, with a primary focus on the rise in political activism since 2016.

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